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From instant drug/alcohol testing kits to confirmation and MRO services, along with SAMHSA Certified Labs, background checks, physicals, and comprehensive onsite and offsite testing solutions, we've got you covered.

Who Is The Service For &
What Do We Do?

This service is for companies and governments in the USA.

We deliver comprehensive employment screening service, instant drug & alcohol testing kits, and world class confirmation and MRO services. From startups to established organizations, our solutions cater to a wide range of clients, helping them save money, improve efficiency, and maintain a safe work environment. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your current screening process, we’ve got you covered.

Our comprehensive services include the following:

  • Instant Drug and/or Alcohol Testing Services: DIY testing with reliable results.
  • Confirmation with SAMHSA Certified Labs: Ensuring accuracy and quality.
  • Certified MRO Services: Added legal protection and personalized touch.
  • Mobile & Onsite Testing: We come to you, saving time and resources.
  • Offsite Testing: Conveniently go to a local testing center.
  • DOT (Department of Transportation) Drug & Alcohol Screening: Comply with regulations.
  • Background Checks: Comprehensive checks for informed decisions.
  • Social Security Validation: Verify essential identity information.
  • Motor Vehicle Report (Driving Record): Assess driving history.
  • Patriot Act Search (Terrorism Watch List): Mitigate risk.
  • Sex Offender Search: Ensure a safe work environment.
  • People Search: Locate individuals effectively.
  • And More!

Who Are We?
Since 2009 Drug Testing Ace has been the One-Stop-Shop for easy, fast, affordable workplace employment screening and employee testing solutions. was created by experienced professionals from the drug, alcohol, and employment testing industry, the largest and most trusted testing kit manufacturer, combined with technology experts dedicated to providing a seamless online service and shopping experience. Beyond top-notch drug and alcohol testing kits, we offer easy ordering for Confirmation and MRO Services, comprehensive Onsite and Offsite testing programs, and exceptional customer support.

Drug Testing Ace is your go-to solution for easy, fast, and affordable workplace pre-employment drug screening and employee drug testing. We are your One-Stop-Shop for high-quality, accurate, business/government-approved drug testing kits and services at unbeatable prices.


Our Track Record Speaks For Itself.

Since 2009, we’ve proudly served thousands of businesses, both large and small. Our track record speaks for itself, with a commitment to accuracy and integrity. Our high-quality instant kits, paired with SAMHSA Certified Laboratories for Confirmation & MRO Services, guarantee reliable results. Simplify your shopping experience by ordering Confirmation and MRO directly from our website. Say goodbye to false positives and negatives and save valuable time and money. You can count on our dedicated support and cost-effective rates. We are your one stop shop for all employment screening and testing.

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Value & Why Us?

When you choose us, you’re choosing a partnership that brings substantial value:

1. One-Stop-Shop Convenience: We offer a user-friendly platform with all the forms, certifications, and resources you need for a seamless employee screening and drug/alcohol testing experience. Shopping with us is confidential, secure, and private.

2. Top-Quality Drug and Alcohol Testing Kits: Our kits are Accurate, Certified, and proven to have low failure and false positive rates.

3. Fast and Easy Confirmation Testing: Order SAMHSA Certified Confirmation Service directly from our product pages. Enjoy easy ordering, superior service, security, and prompt results.

4. Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services: For added legal protection and a personal touch, opt for our MRO services with Confirmation Services.

5. FDA 510k Cleared and ISO Certified Facility: We store and ship all our drug testing kits and supplies from a facility that ensures the highest quality products on the market. Our level of protection safeguards your test results and saves you time and money.

6. 12,000+ Offsite Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing Locations: Our extensive network of laboratories and collection facilities translates to cost-saving opportunities for businesses of any size.

7. Complete Onsite Drug Testing Services: We can arrange for a Third Party Administrator (TPA) to come to your location, providing products and services at substantial savings over our competitors.

Choose us for comprehensive and reliable drug and alcohol testing solutions. From mobile and onsite testing to SAMHSA certified labs and background

You Can't Lose

We are dedicated to your satisfaction.

Whether you opt for our instant drug/alcohol testing kits paired with SAMHSA Certified Laboratories for Confirmation & MRO or choose our convenient onsite or offsite testing services, success is guaranteed. Benefit from top-quality products, SAMHSA Certified labs, FDA 510k Cleared and ISO Certified Shipping Facilities, and unwavering support for fast, accurate, and legally defensible results. Enjoy peace of mind with our money-back guarantee and no upfront fees – pay on use. Partner with us to safeguard your employees and business while saving valuable time and resources. With Drug Testing Ace, it’s a surefire win!

Cost & Fees

We have designed our pricing structure to be fair, transparent,
and in your best interest:

All Costs and Fees Are Covered on

Requirements For Us to Help You

Be a business, organization, individual, or government (jails, prisons, army, navy, air force, marines, etc.) in the USA.

The Process & Time

Our streamlined process ensures efficiency
and minimal involvement from your side.

Go to, find the products and/or services you would like, and either order them directly from the site or fill out a form and have someone contact you. You can also call us at your convenience for help at any time. If you would like a 20% off coupon see below.

Why Do This Now? The Cost of Waiting.

Don’t wait another day, as every delay could cost you significant money.

Here’s why:

Don’t delay! Create a drug-free workplace today to benefit from significant savings on health and liability insurance, workers’ compensation, and fraud losses. Ensure a safer workplace and make informed decisions with our comprehensive drug testing solutions. Act now to protect your business, employees, and bottom line with Drug Testing Ace. Visit our website for more information, and get started today!

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