Process Workflow Automation
for All Size Organizations

Workflow process automation customized to your needs.
Zero Upfront Costs.
Automate tasks, reduce errors, and elevate overall productivity effortlessly.
24/7 support and hassle-free maintenance - No internal IT needed!
Optimize your workflow for scalable, long-term business success.
Seamless integration for maximum efficiency and streamlined operations.

Who Is The Service For &
What Do We Do?

We serve organizations of all sizes, both large and small, across America, Canada, Australia, Europe, and globally for English speakers.

We specialize in seamlessly connecting seperate systems, eliminating the hassles of manual data entry, and providing a foundation for strategic growth. Our meticulously tailored enterprise-level process workflow automation services will save you time, optimize systems, enhance efficiency, eliminate errors, boost revenue, and help you scale.

Do you face challenges with fragmented software communication, repetitive manual tasks, and time-consuming data transfers? We are here to revolutionize your operations with our Process Workflow Automation Service.

Key Questions to Uncover Your Business Automation Needs.

  1. Are crucial aspects of your business currently managed using Excel, Email, and/or Calendar Reminders?
    ○ Examples include operational staff using a combination of sticky notes, Excel, and shared calendars or the accounting department handling commission payments and AR/AP in Excel instead of dedicated accounting software.
  2. Do you manually enter the same data into multiple systems, such as QuickBooks, Payroll, CRM, or Project Management Systems?
    ○ An example could be onboarding new clients, where a record is created in various systems like accounting, payroll, HR, and shared storage.
  3. How do you presently assign and track the status of operational tasks?
    ○ For instance, does your team use a shared spreadsheet where a team lead assigns tasks, and team members manually update the sheet with status indicators like “not started” or “in progress”?
  4. Are there operational bottlenecks that cause concern, particularly in tasks like creating/sending invoices, following up on outstanding AR, or generating/sending sales proposals in a timely manner?
  5. Do you recognize areas within your business that could be automated but have yet to receive the time or resources necessary for implementation?


Our Track Record Speaks For Itself.

Discover how businesses like yours have benefited from our Workflow Automation Service.

Case Study 1, a Construction Firm automated quote to order workflows, resulting in a significant reduction in manual tasks, improved accuracy, speed to cash, and overall profit margins.

Case Study 2 showcases an Advertising Agency that automated billing processes, saving more than 25 hours per month, ensuring precise billing amounts, and enhancing cash flow efficiency. Imagine similar success stories for your business.

We have many more case studies that you can view.
Contact us today to see what we can do for your enterprise!

Value & Why Us?

We bring over 30 years of experience successfully building businesses and implementing business process automation solutions. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating with any business tools or software, including but not limited to Excel, QuickBooks, CRMs, and proprietary systems. We understand the challenges faced by small and mid-size businesses and offer customized workflow automation solutions tailored to your specific needs, all without charging anything upfront.

You Can't Lose

We are dedicated to your satisfaction.

Partnering with us means winning either way. Our process begins with a free assessment to uncover specific pain points your business is experiencing. Once implemented, our solutions not only automate manual processes but also include support, continuous management, and maintenance, allowing your business to continue without the need for internal IT or engineering resources. You can be the hero by driving efficiency, reducing errors, and positioning your business for success and growth.

Cost & Fees

We have designed our pricing structure to be in your best interest:

We understand the constraints faced by businesses. That is why there are NO upfront fees. We will work with you to figure out the processes and set it up. You only pay once the solutions are implemented, and your business confirms everything is working correctly. We offer a manageable monthly fee structure for our services. This process ensures you receive quality automation without the burden of upfront costs or paying for something that does not work.

Requirements For Us to Help You

We serve organizations of all sizes, both large and small, across America, Canada, Australia, Europe, and globally for English speakers who seek the benefits of process workflow automation.

The Process & Time

Our streamlined process ensures efficiency and minimal involvement from your side.

1. Intro Meeting:

  • Time: 15 minutes or less
  • Goals: Establish alignment on essential information, comprehend your unique business needs, and schedule a Discovery call for in-depth discussions.

2. Discovery Call:

  • Time: 15-30 minutes (additional time available if needed)
  • Goals:
    • Provide comprehensive details about our services, including our story and what we do.
    • Utilize discovery questions to unearth opportunities.
    • Equip you with all the necessary information for due diligence.

3. Initial Automation Assessment:

  • Time: 45 minutes
  • Process: Walk our Solutions Architect through the manual process from start to finish for documentation of current and future desired states.

4. Generate V1 Current & Future State Flowchart:

  • Translate the insights gained from the assessment into a visual representation, outlining the existing and desired automated processes.

5. Flowchart Review Call:

  • Collaboratively review the visual representation to ensure alignment with your business objectives and make any necessary adjustments.

6. Create Proposal:

  • Develop a comprehensive proposal outlining the customized automation solutions tailored to your business needs.

7. Proposal Review Call:

  • Review the proposal together, addressing any questions or concerns and ensuring a clear understanding of the proposed solutions.

8. Send Agreement:

  • Provide a detailed agreement document, summarizing the scope of work, terms, and conditions.

9. Signed Agreement from all Parties:

  • Confirm mutual agreement by obtaining signatures from all relevant parties involved.

10. Implementation:

  • Execute the agreed-upon automation solutions, ensuring a seamless transition and realizing the benefits of optimized business processes.

11. After We Are Done – What’s Next?

  • Once the solutions are implemented, we continues to support your business 24/7. If any disruptions occur, our team is ready to resolve issues promptly, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives without the need for internal IT or engineering resources.

Our proven process is meticulously designed for maximum efficiency, minimizing disruptions to your operations. As we deliver effective workflow automation solutions, your business gains increased efficiency, scalability, and profitability.

Why Do This Now? The Cost of Waiting.

Every day you delay costs money, time and efficiency.

Here’s why:

The digital landscape is evolving rapidly, and delaying the adoption of workflow automation means wasted time, missed opportunities, increased errors, reduced efficiency and lost revenue. Act now to stay ahead of the curve, streamline your operations, and position your business for growth and success.

There is Zero Risk as there is Zero Cost To Investigate and Get Started – You Can’t Lose!

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