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When submitting leads, focus on warm contacts—those familiar with our services and interested in hearing from us. Feel free to include us in initial discussions if beneficial.

This form is for leads at various stages and can be updated as the lead progresses. Stored in a database, it enables efficient tracking. Your manager can guide you on form usage. While most questions are optional, detailed insights help us better prepare and assist you in serving the client effectively. If unsure about a required answer, input “I don’t know” for now and revisit it later.

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    ******Optional Per Service Questions******
    Providing additional information can be valuable when your prospect expresses interest in a service. While these answers are not mandatory, if you can provide them, please take a moment to fill out the following questions. If not, rest assured that we'll gather these details during the introductory meeting. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

    == 1 USA Government Tax Incentives and Credits ==
    Remember, you should submit this lead to us to ensure you get compensated, but your prospect can use the calculator to see if they qualify and then sign up directly. If you need us or the service provider to speak with them, please provide the following:
    Do They Own Property?
    If yes, describe:
    About How Many Employees Do They Have?

    == 2 Merchant Services & Credit Card Processing Cost Reduction Service ==
    Remember, you can submit this lead directly with 3 of the most recent merchant processing statements. If the business experiences seasonal variations include at least one statement from that period.
    What is their estimated annual card volume processed.:
    Who are they using?

    == 3 Commercial Accounts Payable Optimization & Automation ==
    (Minimum to qualify: $10 Million or more in yearly accounts payable)
    Approximate Annual Revenue:
    Approximate Yearly Accounts Payable Spend:
    Current ERP System:

    == 4 Employee Payroll Optimization & Automation ==
    How Many Employees? (250 Minimum):
    Approximate Payroll Spend:
    Current ERP Software System:

    == 5 Shipping Integration & Optimization ==
    (Minimum to qualify: ship more than 200 packages a day or spend 2M+/yr)
    Current ERP Software System:
    Current Shipping Software:
    What carrier(s) do they primarily use?
    Estimated Annual Shipping Spend:
    About how many packages are shipping on average per day?
    What do they ship? (check all that apply):

    == 6 Telecommunications (Internet & Phone) Optimization and Cost Reduction ==
    Remember, you can submit this lead directly with 3 of the most recent monthly statements or work to set a meeting.
    Who Are They Using:
    What Do They Spend:

    == 7 Uniform & Linen Rental & Laundry Cost Reduction & Recovery Service ==
    Do they rent and/or launder?
    Are their uniform & linen rentals over $100k/yr?
    If No or don't know, what is the level, and explain:

    == 8 Medical Insurance Underpayment Recovery ==
    Type of Medical Facility:
    What are the approximate gross receipts with the top 3 insurers ($2M/yr minimum):

    == 9 Employment Screening, Drug & Alcohol Testing ==
    Generally, describe what they need:
    About how many screens and/or tests do they want to be done per month?
    Do they want instant test kits?
    Do they want someone to come to them to perform tests?
    Do they want to send their people to a location?

    == 10 Business Loans ==
    Generally describe what they are seeking. If possible list what type, SBA, Equipment, Line of Credit, etc.:

    == 11 Strategic Consulting Services ==
    Generally, describe what they are seeking and their pain points:
    Is there anything else we should know?

    Thank you for your efforts in bringing potential clients to our attention. We greatly appreciate your support in connecting us with organizations that can benefit from our services.

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