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Who Is The Service For
What Do We Do?

We assist businesses, medical, governments, and other organizations headquartered in North America (US, Canada, and Mexico) that spend approximately $2 million or more on shipping and/or handle about 200+ parcels daily.

What We Do:
Our total solution seamlessly integrates and optimizes Supply Chain, Warehousing, Shipping, Logistics, and Analytics. Combining cutting-edge fintech and AI with industry experts, we bring tremendous cost reduction and streamline operations. While we save you 10% to 30% on actual shipping costs, our integration, streamlining, optimization, and continual improvements within the complete system lead to even higher efficiency, savings, and revenue. In essence, we aim to transform your operations into an “Amazon”-esque efficiency, enabling you to not only compete but excel in your market.

We can either replace your existing system or integrate into it, offering multimodal shipping options, including air, sea, rail, or road. The system will handle incoming and outgoing shipments. Our services cover UPS, FedEx, OnTrac, LSO, EasyPost (USPS), 80+ direct carriers, and 1500 final mile providers. We integrate with various technologies such as WooCommerce, Shopify, JD Edwards, Oracle, and more, scaling to handle individual parcels, pallets, half truckloads, full truckloads, flatbeds, and beyond.

Since 2009, our partners’ expertise has extended to various industries, including 3rd Party Fulfillment, Drop Shipping Companies, Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Healthcare & Medical Supply, Printing, Parts and Supply, Legal, Banks, and Financial Firms.


Our Track Record Speaks For Itself.

Case Study 1: Streamlining Shipping for a Major Marine Supplier

Our client, a major marine supply company with a diverse inventory of 20,000 SKUs, faced significant inefficiencies that were impacting their bottom line. Multi-item orders were individually boxed and shipped, resulting in excessive costs. Their inaccurate rating system led to lost revenue and abandoned carts. Additionally, they lacked a system to handle less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments, causing further complexity and losses.

Our Solution
We thoroughly assessed our client’s challenges and crafted a tailored solution to fit their unique needs. By integrating our cartonization process with their “box-on-demand” machine, we automated box sizing and packing orientation, optimizing shipping efficiency. Our advanced software calculated precise shipping rates before products left the warehouse, ensuring accurate pricing for customers and reducing cart abandonment. Furthermore, we implemented intelligent shipping and rating logic to save time and avoid hazardous shipments.

The results were remarkable:

  • Drastic reduction in abandoned carts
  • Enhanced packaging efficiency and accurate shipping costs
  • Seamless LTL management
  • Massive savings in shipping costs and improved customer satisfaction

Our client now operates efficiently, saving valuable time and resources while enjoying a streamlined shipping process. The integration of our solution with their “box-on-demand” machine has significantly improved their operations.

Case Study 2: Unifying Shipping Processes for a Growing Factory Motor Parts Business

Our client, a major Factory Motor Parts business, faced challenges due to disconnected systems across their numerous warehouse locations. With nearly 100 warehouses, each using different platforms, they lacked consistency in pricing, carrier selection, and billing. Human errors resulted in undercharging customers, causing significant revenue loss, and time-consuming data cleanups were a constant struggle.

Our Solution:

We provided our client with a comprehensive solution, unifying all shipping processes across their vast warehouse network. By replacing existing systems in a phased manner, we ensured a smooth transition with tailored training sessions. Customized logic was introduced to fix rating issues, resulting in accurate customer charges and profit-level order thresholds. Our integration with their ERP system allowed real-time updates, automated notification emails, and seamless scanning and matching of contents upon receipt through our Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN) feature.

The results were impressive:

  • Elimination of costly errors
  • Enhanced visibility across the organization
  • Accurate billing and unified control
  • Streamlined processes and scalable growth

Factory Motor Parts now operates with increased revenue, reduced wasted time, and seamless expansion, thanks to our holistic and tailored solution.

These are just two examples. You can learn about many more and set up a live demo. Set up a meeting now!

Value & Why Us?

When you choose us, you’re choosing a partnership that brings substantial value:
  • Total Supply Chain Optimization: Seamlessly integrate and optimize your supply chain, warehousing, shipping, logistics, and analytics for unparalleled efficiency.
  • Significant Cost Reduction: Save 10% to 30% on actual shipping costs with the potential for even higher savings and increased revenue over time.
  • Expert Negotiation: Rely on our industry expertise to negotiate better contracts, securing you better service and pricing.
  • Complexity Management: We excel in handling complex shipping requirements and multiple locations, ensuring smooth execution and compliance.
  • Trusted Partner: We are committed to maximizing your savings and putting your business interests first.
  • Fast Implementation: Get up and running within a few weeks and experience continuous improvements as we move forward.
  • Seamless Software Integration: Experience the advantages of our all-inclusive and customizable software solution. We offer integration with your ERP, accounting, warehousing, and other software systems, or we can provide a comprehensive solution covering all aspects of your shipping and warehousing operations. This approach leads to streamlined operations and revenue growth.
  • Proven Expertise: With an industry leading track record dating back to 2009 and backed by glowing references, our shipping solution stands as a testament to reliable performance and lasting value.
Transform your shipping and logistics processes today with our Total Supply Chain Optimization & Cost Reduction Service and discover the unbeatable advantages we bring to your business.

You Can't Lose

We are dedicated to your satisfaction.

You Win: On one hand, if you find that your current system is already optimized and efficient, you gain confidence and reassurance in your operations.

You Win: On the other hand, if our analysis reveals massive improvements and potential savings, you unlock opportunities for growth and cost reduction.

Either way, you come out on top with valuable insights and a clear path forward.
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Cost & Fees

We have designed our pricing structure to be fair, transparent,
and in your best interest:

We believe in transparent pricing, providing you with clear and upfront costs without any hidden surprises. Our flexible options include both one-time and ongoing fees, carefully designed to suit the specific needs of your project. Our focus is on delivering customized solutions, crafting tailor-made packages that perfectly align with your unique business requirements.

Ultimately, all costs become inconsequential, offset by the significant efficiency gains, cost reductions, and revenue increases. Basically the services are free!

Requirements For Us to Help You

We assist businesses, medical, governments, and other organizations in North America (US, Canada, and Mexico) that spend approximately $2 million or more on shipping or ship 200+ parcels daily.

The Process & Time

Our streamlined process ensures efficiency and minimal involvement from your side.

1. Intro Meeting:
– Time: 15 minutes or less
– Goals: Align on essential information, schedule a Discovery call for detailed insights so that you can make an informed decision.

2. Discovery Call:
– Time: 30 minutes or less (additional time available if needed)
– Goals: Provide comprehensive service details, demo the software and provide needed information for your due diligence and decision making process.

3. Implementation:
– Startup Time: Customized approach, typically up and running in three weeks or less.
– Going Forward: Continuous integration, optimization, streamlining, and cost reduction. We handle the heavy lifting for your ease of operation.

Why Do This Now? The Cost of Waiting.

Delaying means continued inefficiencies and losses.
Because we streamline and optimize your systems, negotiate better prices and reduce costs across the board. This means that every day you delay you miss out on higher revenues.
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