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Service Reference Guide - Agents Only

Within the guide linked below, you’ll find information to equip you for success. It contains detailed breakdowns of our services, talking points, email templates, company insights—all conveniently compiled in a single document. Quick links at the top of the document facilitate easy navigation, while the “Back to Top” link in the right corner allows you to instantly start over. Familiarize yourself with this resource to effectively leverage it in live conversations, highlighting ConsultingAce’s key points and services.

Marketing Materials for Prospects

The Service Suite Overview lists all the services with the question starter.
The Hospital Rescue is for hospitals but can be used for other healthcare facilities, such as surgery centers, stand-alone ERs, and large doctor facilities. It highlights the Insurance Underpayment Recovery Service on the first pages and follows with our other services that make, save, and recover money and time.

The PDF Versions of the prospecting guides have Andrew’s contact information at the end for those who want to introduce him as the primary contact.

  • PDF: Click Here For The Service Suite Overview V2.5- Andrews Contact Information

  • PDF: Click Here For The Hospital Rescue V3.0 – Andrews Contact Information

The Docx Version is for you to edit as needed and to add your contact information at the end, instead of Andrews.

  • Docx: Click Here For The Service Suite Overview V2.5- Edit & Add Your Contact Information

  • Docx: Click Here For The Hospital Rescue V3.0- Edit & Add Your Contact Information

We are creating more materials for you, and they will show up here when they are complete. If you have any suggestions or fixes, please share them with Andrew so we can include them in future updates.

Andrews Contact Information

Andrew Calderella
CEO | Consulting Ace Inc.
Corp. Phone: (877) 778-7719
USA – Pacific Time
Business Website:
Book & Foundation: https://7Way.Me

Calendar Links

The easiest way to schedule meetings with Andrew and your prospect is to keep Andrew’s calendar open during your conversation. This strategy lets you find and book a convenient time immediately. Tips: ensure the time zone matches your prospects, list them as the primary attendee, and add yourself and others as guests.

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The cost for this is $100 a year.

Terms do apply such as not using this account for mass email campaigns, spam, or any other practice other than legitimate work.

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